Danny from Richmond, VA

My first experience with the Allen firm was some 20 years ago. Although the specifics of that accident have faded from memory, I do remember that the case was handled well, all of my associated bills were paid, and I received a settlement commensurate with the damages. Naturally that was a determining factor when I chose Allen and Allen to represent my interests after being involved in another automobile accident, one that from a litigation standpoint would evolve much differently. Those differences presented serious challenges that even a layperson like me could recognize as difficult. Call it my good fortune that Courtney Van Winkle handled this matter.

Upon meeting Courtney it doesn’t take long to realize that she has a true passion for her work, which time and again was our most valuable asset as this case developed. Obstacles quickly became the norm. Yet, things such as the other party having only legal minimum insurance coverage, significant injury to my existing medical conditions, endless Medicare entanglements, unintentional errors in statements, and sometimes just seeming that there was no end in sight – all proved to be no match for Courtney’s reliable determination. Her professional judgment and experience provided good advice from start to finish, while her personable manner assured me that my case was always important to her. Ultimately Courtney stuck with a case that I thought would fall all to pieces, pulled it together to pay all the medical bills, and then wrote me a check!

I would certainly be remiss to overlook Courtney’s assistant, Dana, who has provided answers to a few questions even after all the paperwork was signed, and is an absolute joy to talk with. It is clear that representing the Allen Law firm demands nothing less than the best at every level from everyone.