Car Crash – $450,000

Location: Confidential
Settlement: $450,000

In May of 2018, Derrick Walker’s client, a fuel tank operator, was en route to a delivery station when his vehicle was struck at a high rate of speed by another driver operating a passenger vehicle.  Initially, the client was thought to have suffered an elbow strain in the crash.  When his symptoms did not resolve with rest, medication and other conservative treatment, he was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed him with tennis elbow and subsequently performed a surgery to fix the problem. Despite surgery, the pain persisted and an MRI showed partial tears of the extensor tendons of the right elbow.   Consequently, the client underwent a second surgery which was successful in repairing the tendons, but unsuccessful in alleviating the residual pain, diminished grip strength, lifting limitations and other functional limitations.  Although Derrick’s client was unable to return to work as a fuel tank operator, he successfully transitioned to another line of work with fewer physical demands, and therefore, did not suffer a significant loss of earning capacity.

The case settled for $450,000 very close to trial.

 Please join Allen & Allen in congratulating Derrick Walker on his excellent work in delivering justice for his client.