Bernie from Fredericksburg, VA

My son referred me to the Allen Law Firm – he told me I might get a better result with Allen & Allen. My attorney, David Williams told me exactly what he planned on doing, and he knew what he was talking about. He went step by step with me. He helped me with organizing my medical treatment and took great care with my insurance company. He explained what I could expect in the outcome of my case. He told me what could happen if I decided to take the case to court and a jury. It was important to me to understand the process in order to make decisions about my case.

Mr. Williams was always looking out for my best interest and I was really, really pleased with that. The staff was very cordial and professional. Marie called my house to check on me and see how I was doing – that meant a lot to me.  With no hesitation I would refer anybody I know to him and to Allen and Allen. That was my first experience working with a lawyer and I will always remember it – Allen and Allen will be the first I will call to come to my rescue.  I would refer them to Mr. Williams and the Allen Law firm without hesitation.