Wrongful death – $1,775,000

Location: Richmond Metro Area
Injuries: Wrongful Death
Settlement: $1,755,000

We represented four minor children whose mother was tragically killed when a teenage driver ran off the road to the right, over-corrected, crossed the double yellow lines and crashed into her car head-on.  Both vehicles flipped, and the children’s mother’s car caught on fire.

The father of the four minor children hired Allen & Allen.  After filing suit, we identified five total insurance policies, including an umbrella policy for $1 million.   The total amount of insurance money available was $1.775 million.  The total settlement was for exactly $1.775 million.   We collected every penny of available insurance money.

The funds were split evenly among the four children, who were the sole beneficiaries, and placed into annuities for their benefit.