Theresa from Charles City, VA

I remember seeing Allen & Allen on television and thinking that the ads weren’t like the rest. I liked the way that the firm was presented – local and family-oriented.

It was very stressful having to deal with insurance, adjustors, and bills from doctors and hospitals all at the same time. It was awesome once Bridget stepped in and began handling my case. Her legal services were wonderful. I have already recommended Bridget and her team to friends and I’d do it again. I loved my experience working with them. They took the intimidation factor away from the process. The nature of the process is still scary, but they took what was scary and intimidating and made it manageable.

Bridget had a listening ear. When I had questions, she answered them. When I asked for an opinion, she gave it to us. Her legal assistant Rachel was great. She was extremely organized. Bridget and Rachel both were excellent and very personable. They both listened in a genuine way.