Tacky lights, classy driving

Tacky light tours are always a fun holiday pastime. Even if there is a long line to see the display, it’s nothing that a little holiday music and hot cocoa can’t fix. But did you know that neighborhoods that display tacky lights see increased traffic and pedestrian accidents?

tacky christmas lights

Photo credit: Instagram/swimfly69

In fact, the holidays see increased accident reports across the board. With parking lots packed with holiday shoppers, increased travel on highways, and of course, tacky light tours, drivers must be exceedingly cautious.

Safety tips for tacky light tours

Group tours are a great idea. If there is an option for a group tour, take it! Not only will you decrease the number of vehicles on the road, but you will also be safer in a large vessel.

Lay off the eggnog, because increased traffic and pedestrians around tacky light tours means you must be extra vigilant. In fact, there is a good chance that someone on the road had a bit too much eggnog, so you must drive defensively. Statistically, there are more drunk drivers on the road during the holidays.


Watch out for children. The excitement of seeing holiday lights, combined with a child’s inability to gage the danger of certain situations, makes them an easy target on tacky light tours. Their tiny frames could suddenly dart in front of a car, or pull away from their family for a closer look at the lights. Pedestrian accidents are always an issue on tacky light tours.

Be mindful of neighbors. As festive as the houses may be, neighboring homes become frustrated with the increased traffic, which often blocks them into their own driveways. Revelers have been known to throw trash out of their cars, blast loud music, and even urinate on-site. Please prepare for a tacky light tour by taking bathroom breaks, packing a trash bag for the car, and bring snacks to satiate grumpy children. If you are planning to roll down your windows for a great photo, keep the volume to a minimum. If you plan on jumping out for a photo, please don’t block any neighboring driveways.

car in snow

General safety tips for the holiday season

Many people will be driving out of town for the holidays. Shopping and holiday events puts even more people on the roads. Here are some tips to help you prevent or avoid travel disasters.

Maintain your vehicle. Get a tune-up and oil change shortly before you hit the road. Delays due to preventable mechanical failures can be avoided. Check the tire pressure in your tires. Be sure your spare tire is also in good shape.

Purchase roadside assistance. Since there is always a possibility of the unexpected happening, be sure you have roadside assistance or an auto club membership. Have your card handy, along with any emergency phone numbers.

Avoid congestion. Consider traveling during “off times,” such as very early in the morning or later in the day. Always check your route and be sure you are not being routed through a major city during a local rush hour. If you can plan your trip so that you are traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, it may be safer. According to the National Motorists Association, those are the safest days of the week to travel. In fact, over the last 10 years, here are the average number of crashes per year based on the day of the week:

1. Saturday – 6,826 crashes per year

2. Sunday – 6,007 crashes per year

3. Friday – 5,865 crashes per year

4. Thursday – 4,767 crashes per year

5. Monday – 4,603 crashes per year

6. Wednesday – 4,508 crashes per year

7. Tuesday – 4,455 crashes per year[1]

With a little bit of caution, you and your loved ones will experience a lot of holiday cheer. And if you or a loved one have been injured in a car or pedestrian accident during a tacky light tour or another holiday event, you may be entitled to compensation. Call the compassionate attorneys at Allen & Allen to share your unique situation. For a free consultation, call 866-388-1307.