Brain Injury Association of Virginia – What They Do For Our Community

The Brain Injury Association of Virginia (BIAV) is an amazing group created to help those that have suffered brain injuries along with providing assistance to their family and loved ones. Since its founding in 1983 by families and concerned professionals, BIAV has worked solely for the benefit of individuals living in Virginia that have in some way been touched by a brain injury. It is the only statewide non-profit organization in Virginia exclusively devoted to serving individuals with brain injury and their families. BIAV creates a helping community that focuses on all the needs of the brain injured individual, including all-important training, education, and support for the families of brain injury victims. Since its creation BIAV has helped more than 250,000 people, and its services currently reach more than 20,000 Virginians every year.

Brain injuries are especially tragic because the damage is so often long-term or permanent. Faced with the prospect of planning for decades of medical care, many families feel confused and overwhelmed. The goal of BIAV is to provide passionate, informed guidance to those struggling to navigate the complex and intricate system of care necessary for treating a brain injury. It is the primary source of information and personal support for thousands of individuals, families, and professionals whose lives have been touched by brain injuries.

BIAV is able to provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • A toll-free assistance line that offers compassionate and knowledgeable help
  • Public education to increase knowledge and understanding of brain injury
  • Outreach programs designed to improve access to services and programs and foster new relationships and community coalitions
  • Increase awareness of brain injury to increase the public’s general knowledge and build participation in the cause
  • Advocate for public policy changes that improve access to care, prevent brain injury, and empower brain injured individuals to secure their rights and obtain the services they need

If you are interested in learning more about this organization or its cause, the BIAV website can be found at There you can get information on what a brain injury is or what can cause one, learn about assistance one can receive when dealing with a brain injury, or arrange to volunteer or make a donation. This is a fantastic group that deserves our support. They can provide aid and information to any person that has in any way been touched by a brain injury.

About the Author: Paul Hux is a personal injury law firm of Allen & Allen, primarily handling injury and wrongful death cases in Petersburg, Chesterfield and Southern Virgina. Paul has 20 years of experience helping Petersburg, VA and Southern Virginia clients recover damages for their injuries after a brain injury, motorcycle accident, car crash, boating accidents or involving a catastrophic injury.