Nurturing Community By Supporting Local Food Banks

As we enter the season of giving and sharing, I find myself reflecting on ways we at Allen & Allen can continue to support our communities. One of my favorite annual traditions is the Legal Food Frenzy, a fun and competitive food and fundraising drive that pits law firm against law firm to aid Virginia Food Banks in their efforts to feed tens of thousands of families in need.[1]

Gathering a Plentiful Harvest

In 2009, our first year participating in the event, Allen & Allen collected thirty thousand pounds of food during Legal Food Frenzy. Every year since, we have increased our contribution goal and succeeded in surpassing it. In 2017, our overall contribution climbed to nearly fifty-six thousand pounds!

Legal Food Frenzy is not only a fun and fulfilling competition for those who work in law firms; it serves to replenish depleted resources at food banks each spring, a time when public donations are few. According to the Global Foodbanking Network[2], contributions to food banks and charitable food pantries peak in November and December when giving is at the forefront of our minds. However, the need for meals assistance and food bank services remain constant throughout the year.

How to Extend the Bounty

As you are thinking about gift-giving this holiday season, I want to share some creative ways you can plan to help a local food charity during the times they need it most.

  • Schedule an off-season donation now. Make use of your bank’s automatic payment services by scheduling a financial donation to be sent to your food bank in May or June. You’ll feel the warmth of gift-giving during the holidays and they’ll benefit from your generosity at a time when donations traditionally decline.
  • Set up automatic monthly financial donations. Most non-profit food banks now have a donation option that allows for an automatic monthly payment. Contact your local charity and find out if they provide this option. They will love having your help throughout the year.
  • Plan an off-season food drive. Much like Legal Food Frenzy, collections of non-perishable food items and monetary donations can be organized for the spring or summer. Create a schedule now and a detailed plan of how you’ll launch your fundraising effort, how you’ll spread the word, and how you’ll assemble the help to make it a success.
  • Mark your calendar and donate your time. Don’t forget that food banks need more than food and financial contributions—they need volunteers . Volunteers help distribute food to those in need and help with community outreach to keep donations steady. Sign up now to help with outreach efforts later in the year.

Giving Thanks

As we share our gratitude this holiday season, it’s important to remember that food banks and those who rely on them are extremely thankful for all of your contributions.

We at Allen & Allen extend our sincerest thanks to all who have helped throughout the years with our food and fundraising efforts during Legal Food Frenzy. Help us take action now to ensure our local food banks are able to serve our communities when their need is greatest.


[1] Feeding America. 2016. 2016 Feeding America Annual Report.

[2] Global FoodBanking Network.