Million Dollar Settlements of 2012 – Malcolm McConnell & Jason Konvicka

Virginia Lawyers Weekly has published its annual compilation of million-dollar settlements in 2012 and two Allen & Allen attorneys made the list.

Republished from Virginia Lawyers Weekly

$1 Million

Case type: Wrongful death
Mediator: John OBrion
Attorneys: Malcolm P. McConnell III and Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond

Summary: The 57-year-old decedent, who suffered from diabetes but was otherwise healthy, presented to her primary care physician with complaints of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Blood work revealed abnormal glucose levels. Rather than send her directly to the hospital, her physician sent her home with anti-nausea medicine that had a sedative effect.

Decedent’s husband believed his wife was merely sleeping due to her medication. In fact, she was slipping into a coma. When he realized he could not rouse her, he took her to the ER, where she died soon after her admission.

Plaintiff alleged the defendant had negligently failed to hospitalize the decedent, and had given advice that had caused the husband to misinterpret the wife’s deterioration.

The loss claimed was almost exclusively non-economic.