Kathleen from Charlottesville

Oftentimes, Allen & Allen attorneys receive letters thanking them for their hard work on a case. In this excerpt from a letter sent to Charlottesville attorney Richard Armstrong, Kathleen from Charlottesville, thanks him for his tireless service and sound advice:


I need to thank you personally for everything you did to close my case. You are the driver that took the reins when this case was going nowhere. You gave me the best advice to take the settlement. I now see this was the best outcome and that pursuing a trial could be a losing venture. For this, I am eternally grateful.

I also appreciate the kindness you extended to me and the other innocents in this accident. Maureen told me after the fact that you had asked her how I was holding up during the mediation. This is stunning. I feel I was more fortunate than the other injured party, and the driver directly behind me because I was knocked unconscious and did not see the things they saw. Their trauma is unimaginable and I know you extended your kindness and empathy to them as well. Immediately after the accident I recognized kindness from so many people and continued to see it from you and David.

Thank you for your guidance in bringing this home.