Joanne from Richmond Area

My husband met Mic McConnell before my accident when he participated on a jury panel. Months after my injury, my husband finally convinced me to give Mic and Allen & Allen a call. There was still so much going on with my accident, so I was hesitant to speak to a lawyer.

We live close to another law firm but we drive the extra miles to this one because of Mic. What stood out to me about Mic was how he gave me the control. Most attorneys wouldn’t do that. They’d say, “This is what they’ve offered, take it or leave it.” Or they’d tell me what to do. But Mic asked me what I wanted to do. He reminded me that this was my case and he was part of my team.

Mic and Teresa are an excellent team. Teresa would call me and check in on me. She told me to call her anytime if I needed anything at all. She would really listen to me.

I would recommend Allen & Allen because Mic treated me like family. The whole team treated me like family. They make you feel like an Allen.