Janice from Charles City

When I had my accident, Allen & Allen was the first law firm I thought to call. I knew of them because I had seen their commercials and they seemed genuine. I met with attorney J.J. Siegner and his assistant, Deborah. They immediately made me feel relaxed and calm. There was relief in knowing someone was on my side, helping with what I needed to do. They were both professional, but I also felt like I had a friend. Everything they recommended was helpful.

J.J. told me who I should contact first and helped me get physical therapy set up.  They both always called to ask how I was feeling and to see if I needed anything. J.J. still calls just to check on me. It makes me feel great; they actually care about me. If I meet someone who needs an attorney, I would recommend J.J. and his team a million times over. What I saw in the commercial was accurate. It was a team effort. I even asked if they practiced other types of law because I would use them for everything if I could!