Chris from Stafford

I’m a deputy sheriff, and was on duty when a car in the opposite lane lost control of their car, crossed the double yellow lines on the road, and hit me broadside. The impact spun me in a circle, up in the air, then crashing back down.

I had shoulder, neck, and back pain and airbag abrasions. I had to get a couple of MRIs and visit orthopedic doctors.

I’ve known Emily professionally for years. Her reputation in Stafford County Court is incredible – she is highly respected. So right away I called her, just to protect myself. It was such a turnkey process. She and Tanya made everything easy; making sure e-bills were paid on time, keeping track of paperwork, etc. Honestly, they did all the work for me.

Emily and I had a discussion up front to go over what I should expect, and the settlement still exceeded my expectations.  Emily did it all – she was great.