Dawn from Maryland

I was going home to see my mom in Virginia, who was not doing well, when the accident occurred. When I got home, I called my attorney and spoke about my case. Unfortunately, he suffered a personal tragedy in the midst of everything. We tried to work through it as time went on, but he indicated that he needed to wrap up the case and refer it out to someone in Virginia.

I contacted Mr. Allen at his recommendation. He asked me all the details of my accident and of the case and let me know he would be contacting Emily Smith in the Fredericksburg office. Emily and I had a great meeting. I was able to give her all the details and express my pain and anger because I was still so emotional. The one thing Emily asked me to do was to put my trust in her and continually told me everything would be okay. She was emphatic about that. I am headstrong and am not quick to trust, but I did. She went above and beyond to get all the details together and reach out to the other party. She was very thorough and had access to a lot of things. She assured me that she knew the process and what we needed to do to make a strong case, to write a clear and concise testimony, and more.

During the trial, I looked at Emily and admired her for her tenacity and ambition. I felt defeated going in front of the judge because I was nervous, but Emily was sitting right beside me, nudging me to vocalize exactly how I felt, so I did. When I was angry, she calmed me down. I was in complete awe at Emily’s response to some of the things the defendant had said. She tore it down!

I was on pins and needles the whole trial, so I didn’t realize the impact of what Emily had done for me until I got home. I texted her and told her how well she had done and how well she had handled the case. I was blown away and so proud to have her on my side. Allen & Allen is fortunate to have her. If any of the other attorneys are anything like Emily, all I can say is wow.

When the defendants did not appeal the case, I screamed! I told Emily again how exceptional she was. Her behavior, presentation, demeanor, confidence and the way she presented were extremely professional – she is someone anyone would be lucky to have represent them. I will refer anyone to Emily. I trust her completely. She worked to gain my trust and confidence throughout the process and she didn’t fail me. She had my back and was tough, and I am so happy with the result.