Cornell from Richmond

On Labor Day of 2016, I was cycling and became a victim of a hit and run. Nothing like this had ever happened before and I was pretty frustrated. I tried contacting a number of attorneys, but it was difficult to get an attorney to see this type of case. I either couldn’t reach them or they were too busy for a hit and run.

When I called Allen & Allen, I got a return call the next day. Scott Fitzgerald took my case and immediately did his thing. It became a wonder of the modern world in my eyes, especially after thinking I didn’t have a case at all. We hit some bumps in the road and I was dazzled by what Scott did. My case resolved, which helped me pay my bills and other things just in time for spring and summer.

The level of communication was amazing. Scott and his legal assistant worked in complete tandem, returning my calls the same day and keeping me abreast of all dimensions of the case. Everything went so smoothly – it was like textbook.