Celina from Stanardsville

It’s a miracle that I survived. I was in an accident and crashed into a pole, and for a moment I didn’t know whether I was dead or alive. Then I smelled smoke, and figured I must still be alive. It was the last thing I remember from the accident.

I had broken ribs, which damaged my lungs. Dislocated legs and knees, too. A lot of my pain is mental. I got a new car but cannot bring myself to drive it. My son drives me, and I take the bus. Maybe it will always be that way. Because of the damage to my lungs, I still have difficulty gardening outside – something I love.

But I am so grateful I went with Kari. She had youth and a sense of humor. She was patient with me and had a lot of knowledge. Even though I am so much older, the way she took care of me, I felt like she was the mother. She did a wonderful job.