Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyers

A tractor trailer accident can be devastating and what to do next can be confusing. The accident attorneys at Allen & Allen have extensive experience handling lawsuits for clients who have been seriously injured in accidents involving large trucks. Call us for a free consultation at 866-388-1307 or stop by an Allen & Allen office in Richmond, Petersburg, Charlottesville or Fredericksburg. We handle cases in Virginia and nationwide.

View our tractor trailer case results or click here to see what our clients have to say.

Proven Accident Attorneys in Tractor Trailer Cases

Allen & Allen's lawyers are experienced in handling many causes and types of tractor trailer accidents, including:

  • Driver Fatigue
  • Tractor Trailer Accidents Caused by Shifting and Falling Cargo
  • Tractor Trailer Accidents Resulting from Faulty Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
  • Accidents Caused by a Drunk Driver
  • Catastrophic Tractor Trailer Accidents and Wrongful Death from Trucking Accidents

The lawyers at Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen, specializing in tractor trailer accidents, are familiar with the federal and state laws as well as the federal regulations which control the trucking industry. These laws and regulations often play a prominent role in the successful prosecution of large truck cases. Click here to view the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations yourself.

Prompt investigation of the accident is essential to the successful prosecution of a tractor trailer accident case. The sooner you engage the experienced attorneys at Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen to represent you, the sooner we can act to secure evidence while it is still fresh. Rain, wind, ice and snow can cause the disappearance of the physical evidence like skid marks, yaw marks, accident debris, impact marks on the road surface, as well as oil, gas, and radiator fluid stains. Other critical evidence involving the truck itself can be lost or destroyed. Preservation of important data like driver's logs and alcohol and drug testing along with eyewitness testimony may also be vital to your case. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in an accident involving a tractor trailer, semi or 18 wheeler, contact our accident lawyers now.

The Allen Law Firm has assembled an experienced team of attorneys, investigators, and legal assistants who work with accident reconstruction experts, health care providers, and engineering experts to investigate, develop and prosecute tractor trailer accident cases.

Eight Locations Throughout Virginia

If your injuries prevent you from traveling to our office, we will come to you. Allen & Allen is one of Virginia's oldest and largest personal injury and tractor trailer accident law firms and we are here for you. When looking for a lawyer to represent your case, choose a law firm with proven results. Rely on our experienced team of lawyers to represent you: contact us at 866-388-1307 for a free consultation.

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