Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

A "Slip and fall" accident, sometimes called a premises liability accident, can be serious. A broken hip, a fractured ankle, a cracked skull, these are just a few of the debilitating medical conditions a person can suffer as the result of an injury caused by a hazardous condition on someone else's property. Most claims arising out of "slip and falls" are anything but simple, especially if they arise in Virginia.

You need an experienced slip and fall attorney on your side. For decades, the attorneys at Allen and Allen have successfully represented clients injured on the property of others. We have obtained fair compensation for their injuries, lost wages, pain and inconvenience. Contact us for a free consultation at 866-388-1307.

Some of the most common slip and fall accidents involve slipping on ice and snow, falling on wet floors, and tripping on worn carpet, uneven surfaces, potholes, and other hazards lying on the floor. Under Virginia law, an injured person ordinarily has the burden of proving:

  • The defendant, including a property owner, lessee, and /or property manager, created the hazardous condition that led to the injury; or
  • The defendant knew or, in the exercise of due diligence, should have known about the unsafe condition and failed to repair or remove it within a reasonable time.

It can be a challenge to find both the physical proof and the witnesses necessary to prove your slip and fall claim. Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen attorneys and their investigators know the most important questions to ask and where to look for the answers.

How you can help your case:

  • Think hard about how and why your accident happened. What caused it? The information you have is vitally important to your case because property owners clean up, make repairs, and even reconstruct areas shortly after injuries occur on their premises.
  • An accident scene can change dramatically in just a few minutes, a few hours or a few days. Jot down your recollection of the incident while it is fresh in your mind. For example, exactly what was it that struck you or made you fall? What did the object look like and where did it come from? If you slipped on a substance of some kind, what was it?  What did it feel like?  If the substance touched your clothing and/or shoes, save these items.
  • If you have a camera or cell phone (that takes photos), photograph the location where you were injured as soon as possible.
  • You should report the incident to a store owner, manager, or responsible employee immediately.
  • Ask for a copy of any accident report the owner or his employee may prepare concerning your fall and injury.

Winning a slip and fall case in Virginia can be difficult because a plaintiff must overcome strong defenses. Under Virginia law, contributory negligence may bar your recovery if the hazard or unsafe condition that caused your fall is "open and obvious" and a jury decides you should have seen and avoided it. You have a duty to watch where you're going and see what there is to be seen.

Slip and fall cases are dependent on the facts to each particular incident. Almost every set of circumstances is different. That's one reason you need an experienced law firm like Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, a firm with attorneys who have handled hundreds of slip and fall cases. Our lawyers can gather the facts they know are critical to your case and evaluate them. They can explain your legal options and give you advice on how to proceed. Contact us at 866-388-1307.

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