Jason W. Konvicka Testimonials

John,   Powhatan, VA

I was a client of The Allen Law Firm in 2012 after a very serious accident that resulted in the loss of my wife and my dog. Three years later, I was in another accident. I thought it would be clear cut – the young lady who hit me fell asleep at the wheel. The crash messed up my knee and irritated an old injury, so the insurance company wouldn’t pay my medical bills. I realized I needed help, so I called Allen & Allen and spoke to Jason Konvicka. After our first conversation, I spent some time researching Jason’s background. I was very impressed.

Jason and his legal assistant, Donna, did a wonderful job. Jason explained everything to me thoroughly, what the other side was doing and how we should move forward. He was very attentive. Donna was very responsive; she would always call me back right away.

I am tickled to death with the result. Jason didn’t stop until everything was covered, even a future surgery. I  could never have done anything like this by myself.

Meredith ,   Clarksville, VA

Everyone involved in my case from Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen went above and beyond. I am very grateful to Jason, Ryan, and Donna for all the work they did. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone who needed help.

Jessica,   Montpelier, VA

After my first accident, I found Allen & Allen through a Google search. Due to the complexity of my case, the attorney I met with recommended that Jason Konvicka represent me. As my first case was in the process of settling, I was in a second accident.

I immediately asked Jason for help. Jason is very thorough, and he is transparent and honest when presenting all possibilities in a case. Jason is compassionate, but he can be tough if he needs to be. I knew that he had every intention of supporting me until my case was resolved. Jason willingly stepped in when I was emotional to calm and reassure me. Jason went to battle for me, and having such strong legal support made a big difference.

I would definitely recommend Jason. I would tell anyone that Jason understands what it is like to be in an accident, and he will fully support you. He truly went above and beyond to settle both of my cases in my favor.

Carrie,   Richmond, VA

My case was very complex. I felt like there was no hope until I met Jason Konvicka. I was referred to him by a friend who had worked with Jason in the past. He and his legal assistant, Donna, were kind and very straight forward. Not only did Jason have the experience I was looking for, he cared about me as a person. I wasn't just a case to him.

Jason is a hard worker. He got everything he could get for me.

I would refer Jason Konvicka to anyone. Jason and his team will take their time to make sure your case is handled correctly. I'm glad I had Jason and the Allen & Allen law firm with me on this journey.

Jack,   Richmond, VA

As a former attorney who practiced law for 32 years, I was aware of every law firm in the Richmond area. I’ve known of the Allens and their reputation, and in my opinion, there was no other personal injury firm to go to after my accident. Initially, I dealt with the insurance company directly, and I felt that I was not being compensated fairly.  I decided to hire an attorney and chose Allen & Allen. I was assigned to Jason Konvicka and he could not have been more devoted to me and my case. I have never encountered anyone like him or his team. His legal assistant, Donna, was always in constant contact. She was prompt when returning my calls, and was very knowledgeable and aware of what was going on with me and my case. Jason had a desire to win and treated me as if I was his only client, even though I know I was not. He had an uncanny ability to see the big picture and impressed me with how he put my case together. Jason was ultimately able to obtain a settlement for me that was far beyond my expectations.

When I hired the Allen law firm, I knew exactly what to expect. They have an unparalleled reputation for zealous representation, compassion, and results. That reputation has been carried on by a new generation of attorneys – attorneys like Jason. Jason Konvicka truly represents what the Allen & Allen name means and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Twyla,   Henrico, VA

When you’re the face of a company, you have to uphold the standards of customer service. Jason Konvicka and his team did that for me. My father is a truck driver and had hired an attorney after his accident. When I had my accident, I asked my father to guide me. I was referred to Allen & Allen and Jason Konvicka handled my case. Jason and his assistant, Donna, were very thorough and detailed. They kept me informed on everything. I asked what seemed to be a million and one questions, and they were always available to answer, which I greatly appreciated. Not even eight hours would go by without someone getting back to me. They were always willing to share information.

Jason and Donna made me feel as if I was a priority to them. It was a good feeling knowing they were “for” me and had my best interests at heart. Jason and Donna made me feel as if they were not working for anyone else, just me. I really feel like they did their job and more. I would absolutely refer others to Jason Konvicka.

Calissa,   Richmond, VA

The Allen & Allen name is well known. It was the first law firm I thought of after my accident. They have a very good reputation. I Googled them and picked up the phone and called. My experience working with Jason and his team was awesome. Jason worked around my schedule. I didn’t have to miss a lot of time from work for appointments. They made everything very easy.

I was never worried. I always knew the status of my case. They made sure they contacted me regularly and kept me informed. They even called me on Christmas Eve to check in with me. Ms. Donna would always call me right back immediately. I trusted them whole heartedly.

Jason worked diligently for me. It was such a blessing having him as my attorney. He has a great work ethic and is a very good person. I loved that he was so family oriented. If you want an attorney who will take into consideration every aspect of your case and your life so you get the outcome you deserve, and don’t have to worry about anything, I would call Jason and Allen & Allen.

James,   Richmond, VA

I was referred by my wife's co-worker. My wife had mentioned that I was in a car accident and her co-worker suggested that Jason Konvicka would be a good lawyer if we needed one. My first impression of Jason at our initial meeting was really positive so I decided to hire him. Jason and his team were phenomenal. Anytime I needed to speak with Jason, he was available or I received a call back the same day. I dealt with his legal assistant, Donna, and she was great. Jason explained everything to me in great detail. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience.

It is really important to make sure you chose the right lawyer and I definitely feel like l made the right choice. Jason is tremendously knowledgeable and a master of his craft. I was definitely happy with the outcome of my case and I would absolutely refer anyone to Jason who needs a personal injury attorney. I'm extremely grateful that I was referred to Jason and had the opportunity to work with him.

Scott,   Richmond, VA

Thank you for seeing my claim through to its conclusion!  You did a great a job assessing my injury, communicating throughout the process and solidifying the settlement in a timely manner.

You will get my highest recommendation to all of our friends and I look forward to working with you in the future for referrals and any similar type of litigation. Your attention to my case is appreciated, especially when I am sure you have much bigger fish to fry.

Peter,   Northampton, VA

I do evaluate the results as a great success that was reached due to your expertise and negotiation skills.

In my mind, however, the most important thing was your human help - far beyond the ordinary level - toward us in those terrible days in 2007.

Monica,   Petersburg, VA

When I saw the ad on television for the Allen Law Firm long before my personal injury, I knew that if I ever needed an attorney, they were the firm I would pursue. It was very professional and direct. I'd seen a lot of cheesy ads from other law firms with catchy phases and scripts, but that is not the kind of representation I wanted when dealing with issues that directly affect my life.

When I first met with Jason for my initial consultation, I knew that I made the right choice with the Allen Law Firm. He is very knowledgeable in his profession and at the same time he is a real person with good values and honest intentions.  For me that is the most important thing. I am very very happy with the outcome of my personal injury case and I have Jason Konvicka and the support staff at Allen & Allen to thank.

I am a client for life and I will always recommend Jason Konvicka to anyone who seeks a personal injury attorney.

Lori,   Florida

Our family wanted to thank you for taking my father's case.   As his children, we have been very pleased and have been kept abreast on the case from its outset.   There were no false promises and smoke and mirrors and we are very thankful that my dad has been in what we feel are good and capable hands.  We are very impressed with how well your office has been organized and especially how well you have done at keeping my father informed.  Unfortunately, in this world not every attorney is a good one, nor every doctor a good one.

We hope for good results for my father, so that he and my mother can enjoy the golden years of their life.  This incident has changed their lives and ours.  Though my father was growing old before this happened, it wasn't at the rate it is now.  It is heartbreaking to see the pain that my father is in and yet he continues to push himself to lead as normal a life as possible.

We have prayed that everything goes well and my father can move on from this, and we thank you for all that you have done for him and having done so with integrity.

Mike,   Dumfries, VA

Thank you for your efforts in our case.  You have been simply fantastic as has your assistant Donna.  You have doggedly pursued my case from day one and its successful completion is testimony to your high degree of skill and competence.  Every member of your firm with whom we came into contact exhibited extreme ability, friendly demeanor, and complete professionalism.

For the rest of my life, if anyone asks me if we know a good lawyer, I will say no... But I know a great one, and his name is Jason Konvicka.

David,   Florida

I am a client of Allen and Allen, Jason Konvicka is my attorney, who I cannot say enough about. Originally I hired another Virginia Law Firm, which was a big mistake. They came close to letting the statue of limitations run out when I checked around for another firm, checked out firms with the best reputation and Allen and Allen came up. I never made a better move in my life.

My case was not an easy case, in fact very difficult, but Jason Konvicka won a very nice settlement for me. The firm I got rid of gave me very little communication, but Allen and Allen was just the opposite. They have always answered any question I had, and promptly. So I highly recommend Allen and Allen, especially Jason Konvicka to anyone. They will level with you.

Lisa,   Amelia County, VA

I just want to thank Mic McConnell and Ryan Wind for their hard work and fighting for me! They are truly the best! I was so nervous and they reassured me throughout the whole process. You guys were right; I didn't have anything to be nervous about, you’re awesome. Thanks again!

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