A Dangerous Prospect: Motorcycles and Traumatic Brain Injury

P. Christopher Guedri, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: P. Christopher Guedri, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Motorcycles are one exciting means of travel, but that feeling of exhilaration comes with serious risks. The exposed position of the rider and small mass of the bike combine to cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Each million miles driven by motorcycles causes roughly 25 deaths, thirty times the expected deaths from cars covering the same distance. Legs and hips may be the most vulnerable parts of the body on a motorcycle, but a blow to the head is the most common fatal injury.[1]

Traumatic brain injury is of particular concern for bikers. 12% of all emergency room visits and 26% of all hospitalizations involving…

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Motorcycle Accidents: Protective Safety Gear

Trent S. Kerns, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Trent S. Kerns, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun and liberating experience. However, because motorcyclists are exposed to the elements while they are riding, they need to take extra care in order to avoid injury. Being alert and aware of one’s surroundings is an important component of safe riding as is choosing appropriate personal safety gear to wear while riding. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has published a guide to help current and prospective motorcyclists select the right helmets, face protection, footwear, gloves, riding suits, and hearing protection.[1]


A helmet that complies with Department of Transportation…

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Motorcycle Safety: Reduce Your Risk of Serious Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

Author. Bridget N.Long - Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

According to the Virginia Highway Safety Office, in 2012, motorcycle riders who were injured made up about 3% of all traffic injuries in Virginia.[1] Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents accounted for over 10% of all traffic fatalities in that same year.[2] When motorcyclists are involved in traffic accidents, the injuries they receive more usually more serious than other motor vehicle operators, and these injuries are more often fatal. The most common injuries from motorcycle accidents are injuries to the brain, the spine, and the internal organs, as well as broken bones (fractures), all of which can be life-threatening. A fracture can be debilitating…

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SAFE DRIVING: Sharing the Road with Motorcycles Safely


 May marks Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. It's that time of year when riders want to dust off their motorcycles and hit the open road.  As we begin the summer and many of us will be traveling on the road, we all need to realize the differences between motorcycles and cars.   No one wants to be involved in a collision. Thinking about safety while driving can help us avoid an accident.

If you are not a motorcycle driver, then you should start by understanding the challenges faced by a motorcyclist.  Motorcycles have the right to the full use of the lane, and often riders need the lane's full width to respond to and handle hazards such as potholes, shifting traffic, strong winds or blasts of…

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Helmet Safety

Helmets.  Many motorcyclists don't like wearing them.  They're heavy.  They may not fit right.  They interfere with the sense of freedom many bikers enjoy as they zip down the road on a beautiful day. However, like it or not, all motorcyclists should wear helmets when they're riding.

According to organizations as diverse as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), wearing a helmet is the single most effective way of reducing head injuries caused by motorcycle crashes.

This reality mirrors what the motorcycle accident lawyers at Allen and Allen have seen over decades of representing motorcyclists who have survived crashes. Wearing a helmet significantly…

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Motorcycle Safety Tips: How to Avoid Accidents

 Author: R. Clayton Allen, Esquire

Anyone who drives a motorcycle knows how dangerous it is out there on the roads and highways. Many of the cars, trucks and buses being driven are being operated by drowsy drivers, inattentive drivers, speeding drivers, aggressive drivers. And present economic conditions means that many vehicles on the road are poorly maintained or have defective equipment, including brakes, tires, and signal lights, which make the roads even more dangerous. Although many motorcycle drivers do drive defensively and safely, here are some reminders and tips for safer driving.

1. Get Proper Training in Operating Your Bike and Practice Regularly. Many accidents and…

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Author: Elizabeth M. Allen

Following these steps will help you protect yourself against a motorcycle accident

On the highway, motorcycles are "small fry". They're easy for autos and trucks to miss or disregard. Over the last decade, there has been an increase in serious and sometimes fatal injuries to motorcyclists. Consequently, responsible motorcyclists always stay alert to nearby vehicles and their surroundings. But that's not enough if you want to take a safe ride.

What are some of the basics in motorcycle safety?

Make it easy for automobile and truck drivers to see you.Wear bright colored clothing. Fluorescent, orange and/or yellow shirts, vests, jackets,…

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