Yvette from Manassas

I was working at a school cafeteria, when I dropped a rolling pin on my foot. I thought it was a fracture that would eventually heal on its own. But it got really bad. I got spasms up to my ankle, I didn’t have a range of motion, and some days were so bad, I couldn’t walk. I just had to put my feet up. I still have days like that.

Well, I had a case worker, and she would not authorize medical help. I went to five or six different doctors that declared me permanently disabled and diagnosed me with CRPS. That’s complex regional pain syndrome. It’s rare, and many people haven’t ever heard of it. But trust me, it’s terrible.

Through all this, my case worker wouldn’t help. For almost two years, I paid out of pocket for the doctor bills. My case worker insisted it was diabetes, but if that were the case, the pain would be in both feet – not discriminate to just one foot. It felt like I was walking on rocks. My foot got hot and cold – sometimes it felt like ants were crawling up my leg.

When my case worker wouldn’t approve any kind of therapy, I went online and found Jennifer Capocelli. I gave her a call. From that very first conversation I liked her. She was wonderful and so compassionate. Since I was having trouble with my case worker, she got in front of the commissioner on my behalf. She even challenged my case worker, and when she did, she was able to get me medicine, therapy, and everything I needed.

She told me, “You deserve to have your medical paid. We’re not settling for pennies.” She was by my side every step of the way, and I definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone who needs help with a workers’ compensation case.