Workers’ Compensation: $350,000

Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Injuries: Orthopedic Injuries
Settlement: $350,000

In July of 2021, the plaintiff was loading his truck when he was hit on the head repeatedly by falling boxes. He sustained a concussion, and experienced post-concussive syndrome, as well as headaches.

Upon working with Allen & Allen, attorney Jennifer Capocelli set the plaintiff up with an award from the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. With the award, the insurance company involved would be legally required to continue payments, since he was unable to return to his pre-injury occupation.

This included lifetime medical benefits for his injuries, temporary total disability benefits, and partial disability benefits. These payments continued until the settlement was approved, allowing the plaintiff time and rest for recovery.

At the time of mediation, the plaintiff was still under the care of a rehabilitation doctor and a neurologist. After mediation, Capocelli was able to settle the plaintiff’s claim at $350,000. This is the largest settlement for Allen & Allen’s workers’ compensation department to date.