Tammy from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

After my accident, I didn’t expect to need an attorney, but my husband asked me to contact one given the unique circumstances of our accident.  I first contacted an attorney in my state of Pennsylvania.  That attorney told us that the case was complicated because I was in Virginia when the accident occurred, and the defendant lived in Maryland.  The Pennsylvania attorney did some research and referred me to Allen and Allen.

The first encounter I had with Danielle Kent was through video chat. I didn’t know what to expect, but she was forthcoming with an explanation about what she would be doing. Danielle’s knowledge, gentleness, personality, and strength were amazing to me. The fact she could take something so complicated and simplify it was wonderful. She handheld me through some tantrums at some points. She was excellent in her execution and carried me through until the very end, when another attorney, Wil Van Winkle, was ultimately involved in settling my case.

They were so gracious about my well-being. I felt tremendously blessed to have two attorneys to help me. The situation turned out to be more pleasant than I would have expected. This is straight from my heart. I am truly blessed by Allen & Allen and the tenaciousness of the attorneys and staff.

My unexpected relationship with Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen has been an incredible experience.  From the onset my case was complicated because the accident happened in Virginia, the defendant was a Maryland resident, and I was a Pennsylvania resident.  Never being involved in an accident before, I was lost as to the procedures, laws, and handling of my case.  Our case was further complicated by COVID-19. Danielle guided me through the process and explained things step-by-step. Most importantly Danielle established a solid, trustworthy relationship with me as we worked through the challenges of my case.

Danielle’s paralegal, Jackie Powers was always gracious, caring, and swift to pull together the endless documentation necessary to continue to move my case forward.  An additional complication was the timing of the closure of my case handled by Allen & Allen. Danielle gave birth and was out on maternity leave.  In Danielle’s absence, Wil Van Winkle stepped in to bring us across the finish line.  Wil’s expertise, professionalism, and kindness were blessings in what could have been an awkward closure. In a statement, my complicated three-state case, during COVID-19 was fluid and smooth as silk.  My heart is full, being blessed by the incredible Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen team.