Nathaniel from North Chesterfield, VA

After working in law enforcement, I knew of several attorneys in the area who worked with cases like mine. I spoke to colleagues and family members about my options, and they all agreed that Allen & Allen was the best firm to handle my situation. Rob Reed was very responsive to me and my daughter. He was thorough and detailed. Rob and his team were tenacious! They did the job we weren’t comfortable doing, and they did it well. Rob and his assistant were very hands-on during my case. They took care of everything so my daughter and I could recuperate.

I didn’t want a firm that would treat us like a number, as if we were mixed in with the paperwork. They treated us as if we were family. Rob handled my young daughter with delicate hands. He talked to her at her level so she was able to fully understand the legality of the situation. I was impressed with how much respect he had for her.

Rob Reed is an asset to Allen & Allen. I would recommend him and the Firm to anyone. We are proud to be represented by Rob and his team!