Kendra from Charlottesville

My first visit to the Charlottesville office of Allen & Allen was a little scary. Not because of who worked there, or the job they do, but because I didn’t know how it would go, when it would be over, or who to trust after what happened to me. When I met David, he was welcoming, warm, and his smile automatically told me that I would be okay. He listened to me. I had a voice.

We settled my case through mediation. I was nervous beforehand but having David with me made me feel comfortable. I was confident standing next to him and he was calm and respectful throughout the whole process. David and his team were on top of it – they wanted to get the facts. They were honest with me and loyal to me. It was a great experience to feel like I was in control and supported. I have already referred two people to David and will continue to do so. I could not have had a better experience. David changed my life for the better.