I am an Allen: Rob Reed

I am an Allen: Rob Reed

Meet Robert C. T. “Rob” Reed, an attorney who joined Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen in August 2012. Rob is a member of the Allen & Allen family who focuses on helping victims rebuild their lives after an accident. Read more about why Rob chose personal injury law and Allen & Allen.

Why did you decide to go to law school?
Because I was an analytical thinker growing up and I was told from a young age that I might make a good lawyer someday. I particularly wanted to understand the law in a way that I could use to eventually help people.

Did you always know that you wanted to pursue personal injury law?
Not originally, but it occurred to me later that all of the elective law classes I took and excelled in were perfectly geared to a career as a trial attorney, including trial tactics, insurance law, legal writing, and acing my torts classes.

Are there any people that have been especially influential in your career or perhaps a piece of advice you have been given that has been impactful? Each of the trial attorneys at this firm has given me a tremendous amount of time, advice, wisdom, and help since I have been here.  The managing partner, Trent Kerns, probably gave me the best advice, which is to take great cases to trial because that’s how you get results for that client and all of your future clients who get the benefit of your courage to fight the insurance companies.

What advice would you have for a new law school graduate just beginning his or her career?
The law you practice right out of law school may not be the law you practice forever. Get experience and find a way to break into a field you enjoy. Your goal should be to find an area of law you love to be a part of, but realize it may take time and effort doing something else before you achieve your goal.

What do you most enjoy about Allen & Allen?
The great people I get to work with on a day to day basis.

In his free time, Rob enjoys distance running, hunting, golf, watching the Washington Redskins and spending time in the Northern Neck with his family. He lives in Richmond with his wife and two young children.