Dylon from Luray

I was working at an electrical company, changing out a 2×4 panel light when I cut my hand. When I say cut, I mean I cut arteries, tendons, and nerves.

I’ve had three surgeries so far – and a fourth one is planned in December. Because of the damage, I’ve lost the function in my hand. It was a really difficult time for me because I was so weak, I couldn’t even hold my kid.

The women on the workers’ compensation team never ceased to amaze me. They are tight in that little group of theirs. When Brittney left for maternity leave, no one missed a beat. It wasn’t the experience I was expecting. They were super friendly, even if I was talking about things that had nothing to do with the case!

Elyse did the work and stayed on top of everything. When I came in to sign the paperwork, they gave me a tool kit for emergencies – it was so cool! They would even call me sometimes, just to see how I was doing. The whole experience with Elyse and her team was friendly and positive.