David from Richmond

I was unloading a pallet full of water when the tractor-trailer driver just decided to take off. The forklift and water crashed into the road at the bottom of the dock. Had I not leapt for my life and held onto the dock, I could’ve died being crushed under the weight of the forklift and the pallet of water.

I had surgery on my left wrist, a fractured hip, and no feeling from my knee down in my right leg. My foot has a pin in it. I have really bad nerve damage in my leg, and it’s tingly and vibrating as if my leg were asleep. My foot turns black sometimes because of a condition called CRPS – complex regional pain syndrome. I went into work healthy, and left in an emergency room.

Jennifer Capocelli was amazing, and I needed that because insurance had given me problems from day one. They were stingy with medication, and when they tried to cut me off, I experienced blackouts, with seizures and convulsions. They are an insurance company, and should know better about how medicine works. My body got used to the medication – you can’t just do that to people. Jennifer did not hesitate to get on the phone and make insurance do the right thing.

And that insurance company fought Jennifer every step of the way during the workers’ comp case. It was an accident that wasn’t even my fault, but the insurance company was acting like I was doing it on purpose. It was frustrating. Allen & Allen always listened to me, they always picked up the phone when I called. If they didn’t, they would always call me right back.

Because of the pandemic and how complicated this case was, it took years to settle. Jennifer worked on the workers’ compensation case, and Courtney Van Winkle and Brad Kent worked on the personal injury case. They did a great job of working together. At this point, I’m not a client to them. They are like family.