Medical Malpractice – $750,000

Location: Confidential
Injuries: Catastrophic Injuries
Settlement: $750,000

The plaintiff was a 28-year-old Virginia State Trooper who had drooping eyelids which interfered with his vision and increased the risks of his job.  The defendant plastic surgeon shortened and lifted the plaintiff’s eyelids.  However, the doctor made the lids too short.  As a result, the plaintiff could not close his eyes and he sustained permanent damage to his eyes and vision.  The plaintiff was permanently disabled from his career as a Virginia State Trooper.

The plaintiff charged the defendant with negligence, asserting that the plaintiff was not a proper candidate for the surgery performed, that the defendant negligently over-shortened the eyelids, negligently failed to assess the eyelids at the conclusion of the surgery, and negligently failed to realize his mistake before the plaintiff was permanently damaged.

The case was settled during litigation.