Car crash – $400,000

Location: Spotsylvania County
Verdict: $400,000

The plaintiff was struck by the at-fault driver, resulting in lower back pain and a lingering neck injury. After injections and chiropractic care failed to relieve her neck pain, a trip to an orthopedist revealed bulging discs that were putting pressure on her spinal cord and irritating the nerves. Three years later, the plaintiff underwent surgery to correct the remainder of her injuries.

  • Medical bills: $74,624.41
  • Lost wages: $7,426.08

The defense attempted to dispute most of the medical bills and argued that the neck surgery, which brought the plaintiff much-needed relief, was unnecessary since three years had passed. Spotsylvania County is considered a conservative jurisdiction because historically, juries rarely award for pain and suffering beyond medical bills and lost wages. The last offer before the trial was $35,000.

The verdict exceeded 11 times that amount, at $400,000.