Allen from Chesterfield

I’ve been a trash collector for 30 years. One day, when I was standing outside my truck, a dump truck approached and jack-knifed me. Based on the skid marks, they estimated that the dump truck was going about 55 or 65 miles per hour.

I had a shattered hip, pelvis, and knee. Lots of internal organ damage. I’ve already had seven surgeries and am still going through rehab. My medical bills went up to $3 million.

I had a great workers’ compensation team. I’ll tell you, that Candice is on top of everything. There wasn’t one time when I called that she didn’t get back to me within 24 hours. She is the ideal. And Jennifer, I liked her because she is a ‘no BS’ person. She’s honest, and she really takes care of her clients.

She worked with Jason Konvicka on this case, who handled the injury outside of workers’ compensation. They were such a fantastic team. They collaborated on everything. They were just awesome. If anything ever happens to me again, or someone else, I would recommend Allen & Allen because of their reputation. It’s all true.