Scott Fitzgerald discusses Trinity guardrails on WRIC-TV

Attorney Scott Fitzgerald was featured on WRIC-TV, Richmond’s ABC affiliate, to discuss a safety issue affecting drivers across Virginia.

Trinity guardrails across the state have been declared highly dangerous, and are the culprit behind multiple lawsuits, where the guardrails have either impaled or catastrophically maimed motorists. Scott Fitzgerald had warned the public of this threat via an Allen & Allen blog post, and was asked by WRIC-TV to further discuss the issue.

Though these guardrails were built to keep motorists safe from running off the roads, Trinity Highway Products quietly reduced the metal on the end terminals from five inches to four inches. This cost-saving measure weakened the guardrails to the point where VDOT had to remove the guardrails with 4-inch terminals across the state. Guardrails that feature 5-inch end terminals needn’t be removed, but seven years later, some four-inch end terminals can still be found on the roads.