How do I find the right motorcycle accident lawyer near me?

The wind in your face, the roar of the engine, and the open road – motorcycle enthusiasts understand the unique freedom and joy that comes with biking. Yet, as any rider knows, this freedom brings a heightened level of vulnerability. Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries and complex legal matters.

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In the distress and uncertainty following a motorcycle accident, one crucial decision can make all the difference: choosing the right motorcycle accident lawyer. Your choice of legal representation affects your ability to secure fair compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and emotional distress.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the motorcycle community, we have broken down the steps to take after a motorcycle accident.

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Motorcycle accidents in Virginia, by the numbers

  • In 2022, 115 motorcyclists died on Virginia roads.
  • The deadliest months for motorcycle crashes in Virginia are May and June.
  • In 2022, 1,677 motorcyclists were injured.
  • That same year, 762 motorcyclists were seriously injured.
  • Motorcycle accidents account for 10.7% of all serious traffic injuries in the state.

The odds are stacked against bikers

Those who have never been on a motorcycle cannot understand the exhilaration. Nor can they fully grasp how it feels from a safety perspective, and how riders must put extra caution into every step.

Bikers understand:

  • They are physically more exposed, without the metal frame and airbags that protect car drivers.
  • This exposure means the potential for greater injuries. Responsible riders understand that they should ride ATGATT “all the gear, all the time.” This is the best way to protect the skin from road rash – painful skin abrasions that result from hitting the pavement. “All the gear” includes protective boots, gloves, riding jackets, etc. Note: Leather is the most durable material to prevent road rash.
  • As we all know, motorcycles are smaller than cars and have a slim profile. They are less visible on the road. Because of this, bikers are tasked with being extra vigilant about defensive driving.
  • Unfortunately, bikers sometimes experience the added burden of disrespect from passenger car drivers. At times, motorcyclists are pushed off the roadway by aggressive drivers. From tractor-trailers to SUVs, these larger vehicles can create dangerous conditions for even the safest riders.

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Notes from the road

Motorcycle crashes are reported to be on the rise. Virginia State Police Sargeant Jeffrey Tharpe shared with the media that his department responds to motorcycle crashes daily during the summer months. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • He recommends avoiding the "drop a gear and disappear" tactic used by some riders. When bikers downshift gears, it allows them to excel at a faster rate. He notes that some dangerous motorcyclists have used this practice to evade police.
  • Lane-splitting, or weaving through traffic along the stripes of the road to pass other vehicles, is tempting. Especially for riders trapped in a traffic jam. However, bikers should seriously consider that lane splitting is said to account for approximately one fifth of all motorcycle crashes.

Finding the right lawyer for your motorcycle accident claim

The attorneys at Allen & Allen not only protect injured bikers, but we have also had over 100 years of experience doing it.

Recently, I handled a case where a motorcyclist was out on a cruise when a car pulled out from a stop sign and hit his rear tire. He was forced to lay down his bike, which caused him to sustain a broken collarbone and a torn ligament in his right thumb. He needed surgery for both. The other driver left the scene and was never identified. We were able to secure a settlement of $250,000 for our biker client by bringing an uninsured motorist claim through his own motorcycle insurance.

Robert C.T. Reed

I also represented a biker riding in tandem with his best friend, headed to scout out a potential site for his wedding. A large work truck pulled out from a center median directly in front of both bikers, causing them to hit the side of the truck and go over the top with catastrophic results. My client sustained a serious traumatic brain injury, PTSD, left forearm fractures, a right femur fracture, a right ankle fracture, and various internal injuries.

The defendant alleged that he thought he had time to make it across, and hired experts to contend that the bikers were racing each other at over 100 miles per hour. We were able to prove through witness testimony, examination of the scene, and evidence about the operation of their motorcycles that they were not speeding and that the defendant was simply not paying attention. We resolved the hotly-contested case for $1,100,000.

Read reviews and ratings

Our Testimonials page is constantly updated with reviews from our clients, including motorcycle riders who we were proud to represent:

  • Robert had a car pull out in front of him, causing him to hit the vehicle face-first.
  • Sharon was frustrated with insurance companies after her motorcycle accident and turned to us the make the process simpler.
  • Troy and his wife were on a motorcycle when they were run over from behind, requiring hospitalization.

How to find a Richmond motorcycle lawyer

Find a lawyer with proven results

There are nuances to motorcycle laws, and a strong case can only be built when a firm understands the intricacies of this type of accident. Many motorcycle crashes have the potential for severe injuries. Our lawyers understand the need to maximize compensation to cover the extensive medical costs that are often involved. Some of our results include:

  • $1,500,000 - An SUV failed to yield the right-of-way to a motorcycle rider.
  • $1,100,000 – This non-contact motorcycle crash was hotly contested by the defendant in court, but the plaintiff successfully recovered their due compensation.
  • $300,000 – A truck spilled oil onto a roadway, just as a motorcycle was approaching.

Check your lawyer’s credentials

The Virginia Bar Association does not offer attorney referrals, but you can check to see if the lawyer you're interested in has any disciplinary actions against them. Most bar association websites also have a directory of licensed attorneys, so you can cross-check to ensure they are licensed to practice law in your area.

Want to dig a little deeper? Google provides client feedback and ratings as well. Allen & Allen has over 100 ratings that give helpful feedback about our lawyers.

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Ask about fees

Discuss the attorney's fee structure upfront. At our firm, we only get a fee if we successfully settle your case or win at trial. There are no upfront costs while we work to get you the compensation you deserve.

Consider location

For any potential clients that are hospitalized, our attorneys are happy to come to you. And with seven convenient locations, our clients have many options.

The locations include:

 We handle motorcycle crash cases all over Virginia and in states all over the country. With video communication, we are able to meet with our clients in a personal way that is convenient for them when they are homebound with injury or when they live too far from one of our offices. It is more important to have an experienced motorcycle lawyer than it is to have a less experienced lawyer who lives where you live.

Trust your instincts

Ultimately, you must choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with and trust. While it should not be the sole basis for your decision, consider your gut feelings and comfort level with the lawyer you choose. Is the lawyer knowledgeable, compassionate, and willing to listen to you?

Richmond Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Contact a lawyer you can trust for your motorcycle accident claim

Motorcycle accidents can be life-altering events, but with the right legal advocate by your side, you can navigate the complexities of the legal system with confidence. The Richmond personal injury lawyers at Allen & Allen have an in-house Investigations team, a group of medical professionals that they consult with, and a strong team of attorneys that collaborate their strengths to maximize the potential of each case.

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