Mic McConnell publishes medical malpractice book

Mic McConnell has been the editor of Medical Malpractice Law in Virginia since its first edition, in 1997. He first proposed this book in 1996, and today, Virginia CLE Publications just released its 5th edition.

Malcolm McConnell

Medical Malpractice Law in Virginia is a “how to” guide, to assisting lawyers with the factual complexities and legal intricacies of medical malpractice litigation. This book was authored by some of the most experienced and highly-regarded medical malpractice attorneys currently practicing.

Mic is one of the few attorneys in America who is board certified in medical malpractice law by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys. He serves as Chair of the Medical Malpractice Legislative Subcommittee, and frequently lectures medical professionals and lawyers on issues regarding medical malpractice law.

Mic also helped to write and lobby on behalf of a new law to extend time limits for cancer victims to file medical malpractice suits to ensure that their rights do not expire before they are aware of their illness.