Alexandria from Fredericksburg

There are no words to describe what a huge help Emily was to me. The story is a little bit crazy, because believe it or not, I was in three different car accidents within a one-year period. None were my fault. The last two happened within two months of one another, and Emily helped with both.

My PTSD from one car accident was so bad, I couldn’t drive. I had to ride in the passenger seat. Even then, we were hit by a Mack Truck. Then there was the car accident where I was rear-ended, and I had a brain injury. Overall, I had injuries to my head, neck, and back.

The cases were complicated because the last two car accidents were back-to-back. Emily was wonderful at keeping everything organized, keeping the injuries and data separated into two different incidents. She was so dependable and down to earth. There wasn’t one time I had a question that she couldn’t answer.

A lot of times, people in her position may look down on people, or talk over them. Not with Emily – she was a friend. She was wonderful.