Veronique from Dale City

Some kid decided to celebrate their birthday by drag racing in their daddy’s car. They hit me while they were driving 134 miles per hour.

I had nerve damage in my left leg. When the paramedics showed up at the scene of the accident, they even asked me, “Where are your legs?” The force of impact was so hard, that it pushed my legs into the passenger seat. I had a severed rotator cuff. I’m telling you, my tendon and muscle had shifted down to the middle of my arm. I’m still in therapy to try and get my mobility back. I had nodules on my lungs, after they got bruised. And I was lucky, the impact almost punctured them.

My friend called Allen & Allen for me while I was recovering. You know, I wasn’t the nicest person when I first met with David and Mallory. I was depressed about everything I was going through. But they were kind. They knew it was overwhelming, so they made sure to call once a week to update me on the case. I never had to worry about where I stood in the process. Mallory was really knowledgeable too.

I would recommend David at the drop of a dime. My takeaway from all of this, is that the experience was touching. They sent me flowers when I was in the hospital. I felt like they gave a damn, and it wasn’t about the money. They made me feel like I was their one and only client.