Our In-House Investigations Team

No matter what caused an accident with a large truck, a thorough investigation is almost always necessary. Allen & Allen’s tractor-trailer lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and staff to properly handle the investigation your trucking accident requires.

Why are investigations important in a personal injury or wrongful death case involving a large commercial truck?

Most trucking businesses and their insurance companies deploy their own accident investigation team, who immediately go to the scene. Their job is to document evidence favorable to their defense and aligns with the truck driver’s version of the story. However, their version may differ from yours, and to protect your rights, you need an investigator who will properly document the scene in a way that’s favorable to your case.

In most cases, you should not discuss how the accident happened with anyone representing the trucking company or their insurance provider. Their employees are trained to ask leading questions designed to confuse you and elicit answers that may be twisted unfairly in their favor.

If a trucking company or their insurance provider requests an oral or written statement from you, call the Allen Law Firm at 1-866-388-6408 before you answer any questions.

Investigations Team: What We Do

Unlike most personal injury law firms, Allen & Allen has a team of in-house investigators, comprised of former state troopers and local police. All investigators have completed courses on scene investigation, advanced accident investigations, and accident scene photography. This team is always on call to investigate tractor-trailer accidents, whenever and wherever they occur.

Our lead investigator served in the Virginia State Police for over 30 years and retired as a Lieutenant and Unit Commander. Another team member worked for the highway scale unit, which stops and checks commercial vehicles to detect safety regulation violations, expired inspection stickers, improperly-secured cargo, bad brakes, driver’s license suspensions, overweight vehicles, and dangerous conditions.

Two men looking under the hood of a car.

Upon arrival at the accident scene, our investigators look for physical evidence such as scruff marks, yaw marks, off-road tire tracks, and auto fluid spillage. They measure skid marks and carefully photograph the scene. They track down and interview witnesses, crash investigators, and law enforcement that was present at the accident.

Our Network of Experts

Sometimes major commercial truck accidents require additional expertise. Your attorney may consult with experts to ensure a proper investigation. A trucking industry expert may review vehicle maintenance records or a truck driver’s personnel file, to determine if the truck driver or trucking company failed to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

A mechanical or safety engineer may examine the truck, tractor, or construction vehicle involved in your accident to determine whether a mechanical failure was responsible. After examining evidence at the scene, an accident reconstructionist may determine how and why your accident took place.