Jewel from Montpelier, VA

I met Courtney Van Winkle more than ten years ago when we were both involved with the American Diabetes Association. Courtney was a powerhouse, someone who did a great job for the organization.

When my mind started to clear after my accident, and I realized the severity of my injuries and how hurt my husband was, I knew we needed help. I told my son to call Courtney, and she was standing in my hospital room within two hours of the call.

As soon as she walked in the room, I relaxed. She lifted this huge burden from my shoulders, the wondering of “where do I go from here?” I knew Courtney would know what to do and she would lead us through the process. Courtney was top rate and always communicated with me 1000%. I never felt panicked.

I would certainly recommend Courtney and Allen & Allen without hesitation. She represents the Firm and its commitment to clients. Courtney was patient and helped me understand what was happening and why. I wasn’t just a case number to Courtney. She really cared, and she demonstrated that time and time again.