Cody from Charlottesville

I was coming home from work one morning on route 29 in Charlottesville. A car was driving the wrong direction in my lane and hit me head on. I was severely injured and the other driver was killed in the accident.

I had always seen Allen & Allen’s billboards, TV ads, and I did some research myself reading reviews. I also talked to my parents and they told me they had lots of experience and are good at what they do. I knew they were the real deal.

I was a little bit nervous before my first meeting in the Charlottesville office. I felt completely lost. I couldn’t work. I had crazy medical bills. I didn’t think I could continue paying my bills. I met with Richard Armstrong. He shook my hand and I just talked to him. He told me it would take time, but we would resolve this. He made me feel at ease. He spelled everything out and answered all my questions in normal terms, not crazy jargon. He told me it would take time, but we would get the case resolved. I never once felt overwhelmed while my case was in Richard’s hands.