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Allen & Allen Currently Investigating Injury Cases Involving Faulty Guardrail Endcaps & Trinity Industries

Readers Note: Allen and Allen is actively investigating cases involving injuries resulting from ET-Plus guardrail endcaps. If you or a loved one has been injured by a guardrail during an accident, you may need an attorney to represent your interests. Allen and Allen offers free consultations to potential cases. Call us at 866-388-1307.

Recent investigations have revealed a potential major safety hazard on America’s highways. Trinity Industries, a supplier of ET-Plus guardrail endcaps, has been convicted of fraud [A1] for failing to disclose changes to their endcap design. These changes may make the endcap more likely to fail during a head-on collision, allowing the metal of the guardrail itself to spear through the car rather than be deflected safely aside.[1]

Evidence indicates that the company reduced the size of the endcap in an effort to save on production costs, then purposely hid that fact from the government. In essence, they allowed one endcap to go through safety testing and then installed a different one on thousands of roads all across America.[2]