Dawn from Petersburg, VA

My husband and I were going out to eat at a restaurant for dinner. While going inside, I fell thereby fracturing my femur, hip and foot. After a 10 hour surgery and hospital stay, I decided to make a call to a lawyer when I arrived home.

This is where I first met Mr. Paul Hux. He came to my home to discuss the matter, and I knew on that visit that he would truly represent me. He was very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and persistent from the beginning. Most of all he had patience dealing with my injuries, feelings, fears and frustrations. He was listener, but knew how to keep me on the right path. I wasn’t the most cooperative person and tried to add facts unrelated to the situations. But his patience and the way he made me feel secure in the process was what made us a Team.  If I lost, he lost – but he had the faith accepting my case and never once did I feel we couldn’t win.  We were joined by Ms. Yvonne Berry, his legal assistant, which really completed our team.  What Mr. Hux didn’t think of, Ms Berry did, and visa versa.  I was amazed with the attention to detail.

Mr. Hux’s advice the night before our court hearing gave me secure feelings of his compassion and knowledge for details. I felt secure when I accepted an offer, thus avoiding a jury decision. The conclusion was beneficial to us both.  He was prepared to go to court with his ideas, pictures and information. He was ready either way.

Clients can put their trust in Mr. Paul Hux – that he will be truthful, compassionate, professional, persistent, and that he possesses the patience needed for a win. There is no loss in his vocabulary and he stays to very end. I am so very grateful to this man for all he did… God Bless him.