S.S. from (confidential)

My mother suffered a premature death, and I called Allen & Allen because of the firm’s reputation. I was put in touch with Derrick Walker, and he was great. Our case took four years, and he was there with us keeping us up to date the whole way. Anytime I called, Derrick would call me back and give me an update.

What I got from all those conversations with Derrick was that this wasn’t just a job for him – he really cared. He asked me for a picture of my mother at the beginning of the case because he said he liked to have a picture of the person he was helping. He would come into the office on the weekends to work and would look at that picture as a reminder. I thought that was very sweet.

About three-quarters of the way through the case, Amy Whitelaw was brought on the team. Amy’s a real spitfire – very quick and smart. She helped me with anything I asked her. She was always there with the answers and made me feel that everything was going to be okay.

I have nothing but praise. Derrick and Amy are outstanding lawyers, and the firm is lucky to have them. I consider them not only my lawyers, but my friends. They are outstanding, quality people who made this process as easy as it could be.