Medical malpractice – $750,000

Settlement: $750,000

After experiencing a severe spinal cord injury, our client was admitted to the hospital. His injury resulted in paralysis from the chest down.

During the course of his month-long hospitalization, he developed significant sacral pressure injuries, which became infected. This prompted the need for serial surgical procedures. Our client alleged that the hospital nursing staff failed to prevent the development of the sacral pressure injuries. It was indicated that they had failed to turn and reposition him every two hours in the bed, and every hour while in a chair.

The defendant denied failing to meet the standard of care. They argued that the plaintiff’s pressure injuries were unavoidable due to the nature and extent of his spinal cord injury. The defendant also claimed that the plaintiff’s intermittent periods of hemodynamic instability and respiratory distress made turning and repositioning the patient potentially harmful during those periods.

The plaintiff reached out to Derrick Walker at Allen & Allen, and a settlement was given in favor of the plaintiff, for $750,000.