Leyla from Richmond, VA

From the very start, Chris showed the knowledge and expertise that was needed to handle my claim related to the car crash. My case was not large, but no claim was too small for Chris to dedicate his time and full attention to. He even helped me deal with my own insurance company, to get the compensation I was entitled to get from them since I was not at fault. From the first consultation, I recognized that I needed Chris to work on my case. Chris always gave me all options to consider. I was not the easiest client to have, and my motherly instincts were not helping it. But Chris was very patient and helped me focus on key facts and guide my energy in the right direction. Chris and his support staff were always available to talk and respond to my questions. The communication was always accurate and timely. I chose to take my case to court and Chris was honest about the chances of getting an award larger than what the other insurance company was offering. He shared a lot of insight over time which helped me see the facts of my case from the court’s point of view. Chris took time to review every detail of my medical records, which were accurate but rather confusing. His ability to present my medical records to the court in a clear pattern of dates and numbers was very critical to my claim’s success. His work over the year and attention to details resulted in the amazing victory and award. I am very glad with the outcome and grateful for everyone’s dedication to my case. I would recommend Chris to my friends if they are ever in a similar situation.