Kaitlin from Richmond, VA

After my accident, my dad started looking for firms in the Richmond area. He recommended I call Allen & Allen. I had seen the firm’s advertising, so I was familiar with the name already. Courtney and Kim met with me right away to discuss my case.

I knew from the first meeting that Courtney was a professional who understood how to get the best possible outcome for me.

Courtney and Kim were always available to take a phone call or return an email quickly. Dealing with an accident is inherently complicated, and Courtney and Kim made it much easier for me.

I missed work for three months, which was stressful. Having Courtney on my side helped me cope during that time. Courtney knows how to handle difficult situations. Her calm demeanor helped me remain calm.

I would absolutely recommend Courtney and Kim. There is nothing to worry about if you are working with them.