Shelley from Hartfield, VA

I had a general practice attorney that actually brought Ryan on.  He had worked with Ryan in the past and felt Ryan’s expertise would be helpful in my case. Having Ryan as my lawyer made me feel well taken care of.  I was incredibly concerned when the accident first happened, but working with Ryan and his team helped to relieve all my stress and made things much easier on me.  I always felt like they had my best interest in mind and worked hard to make sure I was satisfied and understood everything.

I definitely would recommend using Ryan for a personal injury case.  He is very personable and understanding so that you feel comfortable working with him, but also incredibly knowledgeable and a capable lawyer.

Ryan and his paralegal were wonderful in communicating with me.  They were always quick to answer any questions or concerns I had and made sure I understood every aspect of the case and the process they were going through.  They kept me informed every step of the way and made sure I was comfortable with what was going on.

I was absolutely pleased with the outcome of my case.  Ryan and his team worked hard to make sure I was able to get the highest settlement possible and were able to close the case much faster than I had expected.