Derrick Walker announces his candidacy for AAJ Parliamentarian

  • July 25, 2023
  • News

Firm shareholder Derrick Walker had quite an eventful week at the annual convention of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) in Philadelphia.

Derrick Walker

Last week, he was elected Chair of AAJ’s Budget Committee, which places him on the AAJ Executive Committee for a seventh term. During the convention, he was honored with AAJ’s Distinguished Service and Above and Beyond Awards. He was also awarded AAJ’s Minority Caucus Stalwart Award.

During the convention, Derrick also announced his candidacy for AAJ Parliamentarian – the election for which takes place at AAJ’s next annual convention in Nashville.

When asked about his work for the organization, Derrick stated, “The right to have civil claims resolved by a jury is a Constitutional right. It is foundational to our democratic society. Consequently, any limitation to the right to a trial by jury is an impediment to justice full stop. I see my role in AAJ to be very simple. I work through AAJ to help identify and remove any obstacle placed in the pathway of justice. I can’t capture the mission of the organization any better than that.”

Congratulations, Derrick!