Bridgette from Charlottesville, VA

I woke up in the hospital and did not remember being in an accident. My sister, who came from Georgia to help me, did some research and found Allen & Allen. When I was able to go home, I was going through so much. I just wanted to get this resolved. I cared about getting my bills paid and getting my health back – that was so important to me. I was grateful to have my life.

When I met Mr. Armstrong, he was very patient. He worked with me, helped me understand what was happening and took extra time to explain things to me. I appreciated that. He always returned my calls right away. He never made me wait.

Richard Armstrong and the firm were excellent. My advice to others who have been injured in an accident – you can’t do this on your own. I keep Richard’s cards in my car in case anyone I know ever needs him. If it were not for Mr. Armstrong and Tamara, I don’t know where I would be. If I needed help again, I wouldn’t walk – I would run back to Allen & Allen.