Barbara M from Garrisonville, VA

I had a previous experience with Allen & Allen in 1999.  I worked with the attorneys in the Fredericksburg office and they were super!  I had remembered Allen & Allen as being very helpful, supportive, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Unfortunately, I had another car accident about 6 months ago.  I immediately knew that I should call Allen & Allen.  It was great to see the billboard advising that there was a Stafford location.  That location was more convenient for me.

David Williams was excellent in handling my case. He was very prompt and efficient.  It was remarkable how he quickly got things done.  When I had an appointment, he was well prepared and I never sat in the lobby waiting on him.

The cleanliness of the office was very remarkable!  It felt so good to come into this office.  I was already feeling bad with what I was going through. However, it was so refreshing to come into a place that was nice and clean, with pleasant décor.  I even noticed how the Holiday flowers were kept up so well.

David was very kind.  I came to Allen & Allen with pain.  But on the other side of it all, it was great to have someone as nice as David to hold my hand through the legal process. David provided such great professional guidance.  He was very knowledgeable and straight forward in answering all of my questions.  I have no regrets and I would definitely refer others to David.