Allen & Allen makes a donation to GoochlandCares

Allen & Allen visited Goochland this week to donate $1,000 to GoochlandCares Free Clinic and Family Services.

This donation is part of our new initiative Allen & Allen Cares: Helping our Heroes. We’ve honored hundreds of Hometown Heroes over the years, and many are tied to admirable charities. Our firm chooses a top-of-mind issue, and donates $1000 to charities with a similar focus, honoring our Hometown Heroes in the process. GoochlandCares is lucky to have two previous Hometown Heroes staffed at their location: Terry Ebright and Sally Graham.

Allen and Allen presents a donation to GoochlandCares

Ebright happily accepted the donation from Chesterfield attorney J.J. Siegner. Then, the Allen & Allen team was treated to a tour of their facility. The full-scale operation was impressive, with a food pantry, a clothes closet, dental care practice, mental health care, GED/ESL courses, and a medical facility on-site. They also help families with medical transportation, vital home repairs, sexual and domestic violence services, emergency housing, financial assistance and case management.

Attornet J.J. Siegner and Terry Ebright

It was an honor to be able to help GoochlandCares continue with their mission; especially after a taxing year like 2020. Stay tuned to find out which charity will receive a donation next!